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Privacy & Policy

Privacy Policy In order to help you understand how “Howanmall Ltd.” (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Company) collects, uses and protects the personal information you provide to the Company, and enables you to use the services provided by the Company with more peace of mind, please read the following information in detail:

  1. Scope of application: The following privacy policy is applicable when you participate in or purchase products and activities of Howanmall.com online shopping platform, apply to become a member of Howanmall.com, or participate in promotion of social media or rewarding activities of Howanmall.com. The collection, use and protection of personal data involved. The company's website may contain links to other websites. If the company's website is linked to other company's websites, the company will not be liable for any joint and several liability based on the fact that each website has its own privacy policy. When you conduct activities on these websites, the privacy policy of each website applies to the protection of personal data, which has nothing to do with the company.
  2. Collection of personal information: When you participate in the activities organized by the company, the company will ask you to provide your personal information according to the needs of each activity or service, including but not limited to name, telephone number, address, ID number, electronic E-mail and other relevant necessary information. When you reflect your opinions or ask related business questions to the company through email or service mailbox, we will save your communication records as a reply or provide the information you need.
  3. Use of personal information: The company collects your personal information only for the specific purpose of collection, including but not limited to customer and member management, transaction operations and inquiries, provision of services, marketing advertisements, and sending event notifications, etc. It is processed and utilized within the necessary scope of the company's business needs. Unless with your written consent or the special provisions of the law, the company will not use your personal data for other purposes, and will be responsible for keeping your personal data confidential in accordance with laws and regulations.
  4. Sending information about products and promotional activities: After you become a member of the company, we will send you information (text messages, emails, etc.) about the company's product services and promotional offers and other marketing activities. Methods, instructions or functional links to stop receiving these materials or e-mails at any time. If you do not want to continue to receive relevant information from the company, you can also contact the company by letter at any time, and the company will deal with it for you immediately.
  5. Data protection measures: In order to protect the integrity and security of your personal data, your personal data files have been properly maintained, and appropriate security measures have been taken to prevent personal data from being stolen, altered, damaged or leaked. All employees of the company have received complete information confidentiality education, and fully understand that it is the obligation of the company and its personnel to prevent personal data from being stolen, altered, damaged or leaked. Violators will be punished by the company's internal regulations and bear legal responsibility.
  6. Privacy revision and consultation: The company has the right to modify or change the content of the above terms at any time. The revised terms will be adjusted and published on the company's website immediately. It is recommended that you pay attention to such modifications or changes at any time.

If it is necessary to entrust a third-party partner to provide services due to business needs, the company will also strictly require them to abide by the Personal Data Protection Act and related laws and regulations, and take necessary inspection procedures to ensure that they really comply with the company's personal data Protection specification requirements and personal data protection law and related laws and regulations.